Expecting Visitors and House Cleaning! :D

(Please click my photo for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)
I did a small food preparation while waiting for my TD friends to come online. Prior to that, I also did some house cleaning as I try to slowly fill my little home (on mainland) and my Linden home which apparently only allows me up to 117 prims. (Boohoo! LOL)
On a different note, I might as well mention it here in the case anyone is interested. I am selling 2 of my mainlands with 4096 square meters and 937 prim capacity. This is big enough space for new shops or home. I already sold 1 last night so there’s only 2 more left. This is at Shedao region (selling them really cheap at the price I bought them from the Lindens. Direct buy only to change ownership.)  
What I’m Wearing:
Outfit (complete): .:Bubblegums:. Fall Plaid Hoodies by Crystalle Qork
* Shape: Kimiko Shape, Eyes, BracesNew @ Marketplace

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::.Lime_1L by milok Hermit

* Nose: Tamagosenbei Snot Bubble by Mizugomo | Gacha L$18 per play

* Nose: Tamagosenbei Snot by Mizugomo | Gacha L$18 per play

Hair on Right: Dura – *Dura-Anime*03(Irish Coffee) by chiaki Xue
Ears: **Cute Bytes** BabyElven Ears by Bit McMillan

Mesh Body: Toodledoo Body – BABY – Girl by Bit McMillan

Puppy: JIAN Posh Pups :: Brown by JianSL Resident
Decor & Poses:
* Dysfunctionality – [DDD] Simple Wooden Slatted Table by Anke Hatchuk
**Label Motion – (with Coffee & Donuts) Breakfast Subscriber GIFT by anne Dakun
-LBB- Eclair Flop Seat [Xeolife] V(1.1) by IsaacGatillo ResidentSRHunt for Kids L$0

Chocon Tororo Tea Set (Valentine & White Day) by olLEONloNew Group Gift L$200 to Join

Fawny – My little puppy – Past Gift @ n21 by AkiraKiyoi
Washing Machine – washer_1 WHITE by yuji777 Resident

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