Tamagosenbei @ the Gacha Garden

 (Please click my photo for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)
Tamagosenbei has these Ooga Chaka items offered at the Gacha Garden event. They also have Seeds of Inspiration prize, the Albino Monkey feet and mouth, when you play the gacha machine for 20 times. The Gacha Garden has just opened today and this event will run until the 29th of February.

Visit Tamagosenbei @ the Gacha Garden

What I’m Wearing:

* Tamagosenbei Ooga Chaka items by MizugomoNew @ Gacha Garden until Feb 29
* Tamagosenbei Monkey Skin and Shape
* Tamagosenbei Monkey Mouth
* Tamagosenbei Monkey Feet
* Tamagosenbei Chatt Bubble Gacha Junkie by Mizugomo
**JOMO** Bandage by xiaoduo AbbotFree L$0
Eyes: Genesis_Lab_DEMON_EYES by GenesisLab
Hair: Blues. Beau – Brown Rainbow by Avie Button (past wayward hunt)

Home Decor & Background:
* Lanterns: Dysfunctionality – [DDD] Lovey Lanterns by Anke Hatchuk
-Hanaya- Spring Has Sprung Basket [mesh] by Moriko InshanSpring Group Gift L$250 to Join
**[yen] HanamiDango by hiko Nino
[CX] Sake Set by Kamayari
Alouette – Eggshell Seedling Planter by Scarlet Chandrayaan
Fawny – My little puppy – Past Gift @ n21 by AkiraKiyoi
Zooby Ultimate Tan Pug by Carrie Tatsu


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