Happy 12th Birthday Second Life!

Second Life has once again made another trip around the sun. This is the 12th year for our beloved virtual world. We went to the celebration and took some pictures. The theme this year is ‘What Dreams May Come.’ I walked around while my partner flew all over the place looking at builds. There is a giant cake that reminds me of a level from Mario Kart, a tunnel that leads to some kind of alien landscape and many other creative sculptures that I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of. We also attended a comedy show and stayed for a talk about what Second Life has become. We both really enjoyed taking time away from our work here in SL to celebrate the place where we met and spend so much of our time. Here are a some of the pictures I took from SL12B.
(Please click my photos for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)
Aside from the free gifts, there is also Big Hunt items that you can get from SL12B. You can also take in live entertainment and talks given by some of Second Life’s most influential people. This event will end in July 4th so you will have more time to enjoy the festivities. Happy Birthday Second Life! Oh gosh, I just realized next year SL will be a teenager! :O

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