I love Totoro! :D

Flying Tororo
I want to share this Totoro gifts we received by Chocon. They are absolutely kawaii with many cool poses. Thanks to my friends, Kitto Sosa and Ututu Davi, who are also with me in these pictures. šŸ˜€ The first gift as shown on above photo is a Flying Totoro with 4 cute poses. These are rezzable Totoro so you can hang out with as many friends as you like.
Tororo Big Bed
(Please click my photos for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)

The second one (as shown above) is a Totoro Big Bed. This bed can accommodate up to 3 person and each with three different poses. This Totoro Bed is a limited group gift for only 30 persons via Lucky Board. If you are a Totoro lover, here is your chance to snag these cute items.

The Totoro Bed were already received by 30 people and the Chocon Group is no longer free. It now costs L$150 to join the group but still worth the price to receive the Flying Totoro and future quality gifts.


2 thoughts on “I love Totoro! :D

  1. Hello Minimalist thank you for checking. I made an update on the post. When I blog this yesterday it was still a free group until the limited Totoro Big Bed was received by 30 people. The flying totoro group gift is still available in the store however the Chocon group now charged L$150 to join.

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