{new} mesh mouth Sweetlips02 by PXL Creations

{new} PXL Sweetlips 02 - Mesh Mouth
Hart Larsson of PXL Creations has recently introduced a new version of their Sweetlips mesh mouth. The main difference here is that this one is a bit more neutral compared to the pouty look of Sweetlips01. While I do like the attitude it gives on the first version, I find this new lips also sweet and adorable.
{new} PXL Sweetlips 02 - Mesh Mouth

PXL Sweetlips comes with a hud (as shown in above photo) that allows you to modify your lips. It has 18 preset skin tones, tint skin and lips option, open and close mouth option, resizer button, 18 custom save slots for lip configuration, and they also included all 9 PXL skin tones. This new mesh mouth is best use if you want to portray a sweet or innocent image. Try Free DEMO at PXL Store.
What I’m Wearing:
* Mesh Mouth: [PXL] SweetLips02  v1.0
Skin: Pink Fuel
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom – Clarus Eyes (Lt Brown)
Mesh Eyelashes: *BC* Mesh Eyelashes | 1L$ Here
Hair: [Due] Pia | Wayward Hunt Past Gift
Dress: milky-way | Ballon Dress – White | Lucky Board L$0

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