The Princess…

Today’s look is inspired by Japan’s Golden Week Holiday (子供の日) wherein we celebrate the children’s personalities and their general happiness. I was thinking of wearing my toodledoo avatar but it won’t be fun being a kid without a playmate. So maybe in my next post when my toodle buddy comes online. Meanwhile here’s a look I call myself a Princess 😀
Golden Week 「子供の日」

These are all raw shots of me. I wish I could have done better to showcase the detail quality of my outfit. But this is just a quick post to show you how I look today! 😛

May 1st 2015 LOTD

The shoes I got from the Wayward hunt by Just Designs. It complimented the dress really well. I love it! It also come with a mesh high socks and a color hud. I’ve always been a fan of the quality detail of this creator enough reason for me not to miss their generous gifts and offerings. 

The Princess...

Everything is just Perfect! My hair, dress, shoes, stuffed pets and even with my add-on braces! 😀 Here’s a close up shot. I hope you enjoy the Princess look. Until next time!
What I’m Wearing:
* DeeTaleZ Teeth with Braces
Magika Hair Harmony
Pixicat | Wonderland Dress Pink
Pixicat | Wonderland Cat
Half Deer | Dik-Dik – Sugar
* Slink | Avatar Enhancement Hands
Just Designs | Polly Vintage Red Shoes with High Socks
* Everglow | Poses

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