The Princess…

Today’s look is inspired by Japan’s Golden Week Holiday (子供の日) wherein we celebrate the children’s personalities and their general happiness. I was thinking of wearing my toodledoo avatar but it won’t be fun being a kid without a playmate. So maybe in my next post when my toodle buddy comes online. Meanwhile here’s a look I call myself a Princess 😀

Golden Week 「子供の日」

These are all raw shots of me. I wish I could have done better to showcase the detail quality of my outfit. But this is just a quick post to show you how I look today! 😛
May 1st 2015 LOTD
The shoes I got from the Wayward hunt by Just Designs. It complimented the dress really well. I love it! It also comes with high mesh socks and a color hud. I’ve always been a fan of the quality detail of this creator enough reason for me not to miss their generous gifts and offerings. 

Close Up ~ All Raw Shots

Everything is just perfect! My hair, my dress, shoes, stuffed pets, and even my add-on braces! 😀 Here’s a close up shot. I hope you enjoy the Princess look. Until next time! 
What I’m Wearing:
* DeeTaleZ Teeth with Braces
Magika Hair Harmony
Pixicat | Wonderland Dress Pink
Pixicat | Wonderland Cat
Half Deer | Dik-Dik – Sugar
* Slink | Avatar Enhancement Hands
Just Designs | Polly Vintage Red Shoes with High Socks
* Everglow | Poses


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