{Review} 7 Deadly Skins Features Envy

To bring out the Seven Deadly Sins into the flesh with class takes a special touch.  As you can see by this feature, Izara Zuta, creator and owner of the 7 Deadly Skin Shop, seems to have finessed her concept into this sultry creation.

7 Deadly Skin ~ EnvyEnvy Skin goes beyond just a single well made skin, there are many different body types and details for you to choose from.

Different Tone Versions {7DS}Envy skin features 12 body types and four skin tones. The available skin tones are light, medium, dark, and fantasy. The 12 body types are variations on features such as cleavage, smoothness,  freckles, and details.

Freckles Body Details {7DS}I particularly like the freckled sunkissed body type shown here. Just one look at her will inspire Envy in the hearts of those that wish to look like her, and to those that wishes they can have her.

Visit the 7 Deadly Skin Shop

What I’m Wearing:

Skin [7DS] Envy B4d T2 DEF

Custom Shape {Face N Curves}

Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Amelie Mesh Hair – Ash –

DeeTaleZ greenbrown eyes

DeeTaleZ Alpha Layer No SL Lashes!

DeeTaleZ Lingerie lace white


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