Review Policy

Thank you for considering me to review your product. However due to number of blog feature requests, I would like to state a few policy. Please understand that I may receive many submissions and sometimes I cannot or won’t blog an item and I’m under no obligation to do so.

Also, I don’t want to keep something that I didn’t work for, so if you notice that your item has not been blogged, please send me a friendly reminder and I will return it to you in a timely manner. If your item is no transfer and you’d like to be 100% certain as to if it will be featured or not, please contact me first before sending me your items.

For time sensitive requests like due date promotions, sales, or other cases that need to get blogged right away, please try to give as much advance notice as possible. Lastly, please be polite when contacting me. I blog because I enjoy SL fashion and I’d like to help promote designers but my work and my decision to feature a product is solely my own and I will  maintain an independant review process.

For review item submission:

1. Send it in a folder with a note card detailing the title of the item, available colors, store landmarks, and other relevant issues.

2. For male items, I preferred them to be No Copy & Transfer permission.

3. All reviews will be my own words, description and understanding of your product. I opted not to write negative reviews or for products I do not fully understand so in this case, I reserve the right to not blog any item for any reason.

4. Reviewed products will be showcased on all my blogs, flicker, facebook, plurk, twitter, tumblr as well as on various popular Fashion Feeds that I am linked to.

5. Items submitted will be blog in a timely manner.

My goal is to feature a product in the best possible light without deceiving anyone, so I may contact you if I need more info. In the event that I cannot review your item, I can return it upon request. If you have more questions, please contact me in world via note card. Thank you.


Please do not send me review items that have been stolen from other content creators. Any of this kind will be remove and other actions may be taken up to and including a ban from being promoted on blog in the future.


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