Jun Loves his New Braces!

Once, there was a little young boy who loves to wander around the grid. He used to wander all by himself and along his journey, he met new friends. But although he loves to wander alone, he seem to be having fun and enjoying it.

lotd 2011.11.07

He is dress today like a hip-hop, with prim teeth braces by DeeTalez and carrying a French Loaf paper bag as he loves to eat. Cute Kid isn’t he?

lotd 2011.11.07

Jun loves to wear his new braces. It took us less than 5 mins to adjust and fit it in on a kid shape. Looks very realistic and fashionable I must say. The French Loaf paper bag is also fun as it comes with an eating animation which also allows you to share your food.

lotd 2011.11.07

So the little guy enjoys eating his food until a little girl took it away from him LOL. He goes, “Hey wait a minute! That’s my food.” “Well, can I have a bite? ” The little girl replied.

lotd 2011.11.07

Alright. I guess I’m not really good at making stories but this blog is about my buddy’s LOTD.  Wanna be cute like him? Follow the Designers’ credits below.

lotd 2011.11.07

What Jun is Wearing:

French Loaf paperbag – *- Sakisa Shop [frenchloaf] -*
Teeth – DeeTaleZ Teeth with Braces (New)
Hair – [Uw.st -7R-]       Griffin-Hair    Dry earth
Skin – NMJ Skin made by Junnin himself
Pant – :sey overall-more_sit version
Cap – :SEY  *An-visor*(only visor)/11textures
Print Tee shirts – Intrigue Co. – OM(Grover) shirt


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