Hey! Meet this gorgeous lady Stella :D

Tiktok Stella-STan-cl-silver
Above: TIK TOK Stella-STan-cl-silver
It’s a beautiful week and today, I introduce to you Tik Tok‘s latest released skin named Stella. Obviously, it’s a very gorgeous skin with a girly sophisticated look. Miah McAuley has been working really hard and she never fails on surprising us with her new releases. I’m so lovin’ this! Stella comes in 4 skin tones (pale, medium, dark, suntan) and 5 stunning makeups. You also have the option of wearing normal and enhanced versions for your breasts. On the darker skin tone like the picture above and with the shape I used, Liam says that the skin reminds him a bit of the famous model Iman XD. Here are the rest of the beautiful tones and make ups.
TIK TOK-Stella-Light Pack
Above: TIK TOK-Stella-Pale Pack
TIK TOK-Stella-Medium Pack
Above: TIK TOK-Stella-Medium Pack
TIK TOK-Stella-SunTan Pack
Above: TIK TOK-Stella-Suntan Pack
TIK TOK-Stella-Dark Pack
Above: TIK TOK-Stella-Dark Pack
Miah McAuley has also been very generous to her store group members. There is a special make up in medium tone that you can grab FREE if you join the store group. The group gift skin is also available in both normal and breast enhanced versions.

Tiktok Stella-medium-Group Gift
Above: Tiktok Stella-medium-Group Gift

Other Credits:
Aska Shape

Amacci  Real Eyes ~ Sky Blue
Amacci ~ Eyelashes “Allure”

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