Get these Cute Bunnies! <3

<a href="; title="Buy My Cute Bunnies <img alt="Buy My Cute Bunnies
I have been pretty busy lately with my bunnies.. they become my obsession!=) I’ve put up a small pen since I can’t stop breeding them as I love seeing them in different colors too. Yesterday, I’ve kindled nests and here they are.

Elite: Strawberry  Festival 2010 (Prince, Lucky Charm & Princess)

Also come to see my Elite Strawberry Bunnies… I got 3 😀
The bunny prices will be a little confusing to a few who do not own one. The prices actually vary based on their range of features like eyes, furs etc. I have settled mine in a very marked down price so you can have a look and take one home.

<a href="; title="Visit My little Pen <img alt="Visit My little Pen


Come visit us in our little pen at Vegas Meadows

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