Dark Mouse and Lark for Etheria

Dark Mouse & Lark for Etheria
Today’s outfit is a collaboration between Lark and Dark Mouse Designs for the Etheria event. The dress is a fairy inspired creation that comes with a faint glowing aura. The dress has a very earthly mother nature quality to it. Wearing it makes me feel spiritual and magical at the same time.

Dark Mouse & Lark for Etheria
The companion jewelry by Dark Mouse is a perfect match because it is full of the precious gems we are familiar with as well as natures beauty which is often overlooked or taken for granted.  I like the loose partly random nature of the leaf arrangement in beautiful fall colors. The collaboration really is a success in my opinion. They should make magic together at the Etheria show.
Dark Mouse & Lark for Etheria
As for the wings, I got them out of my inventory by Ruru@Pino Designs in order to go with the fairy inspired theme of the dress and jewelry. The Etheria fashion show already took place but you can get these pieces at the designer’s booth.

Etheria: When Jewelers Dream 

What I’m Wearing:
Dark Mouse for Etheria – Fae Set (Copper)
Lark – Fae Dress – Copper
Ruru@Pino [monarch WING]
*ByKay* ~ Sam ~ *Bare feet*

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