NEW! Glam Affair Sofia Dark Skin

-Glam Affair - Sofia Dark [Make Up 10]

Hello everyone! I’d like you to meet this new skin named Sofia Black by Glam Affair. It’s beautifully textured and I especially like the use of light bouncing off of the skin to give it that realistic, inviting, and kissable look.

-Glam Affair - Sofia Dark
Sofia is available in 10 make ups for your style creating pleasure. You can be Sofia yourself by picking her up at Glam Affair.

-Glam Affair - Sofia Dark
On Photos: Sofia Black in 10 different make ups
What I’m Wearing:
-Glam Affair – Xania White; Glam Affair Sofia Skins – NEW;  -Glam Affair – Stella eyes 3; Aska Shapes; Eyelashes -11- Showgirl *REDGRAVE*; Maitreya Green II – Kala Jeera; *JD* NAILS 20 black studs; Everglow poses

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