Princess of the Jungle

sotd- MInt panther full
 Welcome to the Jungle! I will be your guide through the trees of this land. Okay so…. I’m feeling like role playing today because of this Mint Panther outfit by Slave of the Dreams [sotd.]  It’s a full set of outfit that comes with the boots, pouch, and the necklace you see in the photos. When I put it on, I feel different… its like one of my dream fantasy coming real.
sotd- MInt panther full
At any rate, this is the kind of look that deserves attention beause it is really nice and you just don’t see stuff like this everyday. Live your dreams and your fantasy… okay now, follow on the style notes! 😀
 sotd- MInt panther full
I Wear: 
sotd – Mint panther full – NEW
MW ilweran: Elven ears Black Miril
MW ilweran: Wind Up Gold
– .HoD. – Fusion v.2 – Smite – Female
Mariposa: Bangles Animosity – Fire

DeeTalez Skin April natural sun
Aska Shape [Hirano]
Sergg Ivona-grau Eyes
Amacci ~ Eyelashes “Allure” – Black

Poses Used:

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