NEW! Releases at BeBe Doll and Dark Mouse

 NEW! *BD* Natasha - Magenta
Chloe Platini has recently introduced her new designed romper/ jumper outfit named Natasha. Natasha comes in 2 styles: one with shorts and the other in pants as shown in the pictures. This is available in a wide range of colors with prim attachments to better enhance the looks.

I also wear Mouse Mimistrobell’s newly released accessories. If you’re looking for something vintage and elegant jewelries then you need to check out on Dark Mouse’s new collections. There are tons made in detailed sculpties and textures. I esp like the pearls that features in these troll jewelry sets.
NEW! Dark Mouse Accessories

I Wear:
*Bebe Doll* Natasha – NEW
Stiletto Moody Bare Robin (Wild Set) – NEW
Dark Mouse Daisy Diamonds – NEW
Dark Mouse Vintage Troll – NEW
Wood Bangles Set – NEW

Poses Used:

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