MiX! Money Fever Game, Group Gift and RFL Items

[LI] We Love Life - RFL 100% 250L
Above outfit is featured in the RFL where 100% proceeds of this goes to the charity. For 250L, you get the outfit including the pair of boots, plus you are helping to fight a dreadful disease. TP HERE

[LI] Heart and Soul - Money Fever Game
Above photo is the Heart and Soul Lingerie dress featured in Lemania’s Money Fever Game. This mauve outfit features some great lacing on the corset and a very sexy translucent skirt. A matching shoes is also included in the set. The Money Fever is only 1L and at your purchase, you get a chance to win linden cash. TP HERE
[LI] Pinkie Girl - Group Gift

Above photo is a complete Pinky Girl outfit. This is featured in Lemania’s weekly Group Gift. You can get this one in the group notices and membership is FREE!

Visit Lemania Indigo Designs

Poses Used:
On Body:
[]::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/bl) dec VIP gift
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
Amacci Eyelashes “Allure” Black
Sergg Ivona-grau Eyes 


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