NEW! Victorian Gowns & Ventilated Corsets Lingerie

*RD* Red Victorian Day Gown

Reasonable Desires has lots of new releases coming, apart from the new picks and group gifts. If you are fond of wearing luxurious gowns in a role play or simply wants to be fashionably unique in clothing, then you gotta check in these new Victorian gowns and corsets. They are greatly well done and very detailed.

*RD* Striped Victorian Day Gown
The new Victorian ensemble comes in 3 colors: red, striped and black. Each of these also comes with detailed sculpties and attachments that help you enhance your looks. The complete ensemble includes a jacket, blouse, glitch pants, glitch skirts, prim sleeves and shoulders attachments, skirts and bustle, Victorian cameo and lace choker, Victorian hat, and a fashionable  Parasol or umbrella. A static pose for the umbrella is also inclusive in each set.
*RD* Black Victorian Day Gown
So there you have it on the above photos with my very dramatic Adorkable poses XD. I knew a couple of people in my early days in SL who loves to wear these types of gowns, as they are always in a role play. After you have worn something fancy, there is also this Victorian ventilated, no swoon corsets and lingeries 😀
*RD* Victorian Ventilated Corset & Lingerie
If you notice on my photos, there are a lot of styles and varieties in this package but they all come in just one set. A lot of clothing layers and different styles come in this package like the upper and lowers corsets style, corsets with garters or without, or the camisole style, knickers in short and long styles, and a sexy black stockings.

*RD* Victorian Ventilated Corset & Lingerie
With these many optional layers given, you can wear to tons of styles in your Victorian corsets and lingerie. This saves you a lot too 😀


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