Uh Oh.. Guess Who Rules the World Now?

NEW! ::HH:: Hucci Rule The World - SkyBlue
It’s time to take over the world or at least look as if you could with your killer good looks and this new dress named Rule the World by Hucci. As you can see, it is a contour hugging strategically shredded fashion as you can climb your way to the top in. When you do decide to take over the world, you can do it in 6 different colors.
NEW! ::HH:: Hucci Rule The World - White, Midnight and SkyBlue
On my photos, I wear the colors white, midnight and skyblue. This new dress comes in all clothing layers for your easy match, mix and style.
NEW! ::HH:: Hucci Rule The World - White
And after you have cemented your place as the leader of the world, you can then enjoy a celebratory Fashion Lollipop by Hucci. This also comes in 6 delicious flavors and has a version for your mouth as well as an animated one. And yes, it’s yummy! =)

 NEW! ::HH:: Hucci Fashion Lollipops
Visit House of Hucci

I Wear: 
::HH:: Hucci Rule The World – NEW
::HH:: Hucci Fashion Lollipops – NEW
Juicy Victorian Ankle Boots [Marshmallow] – NEW
Amacci Hair Alli ~ Chocolate – NEW
Mariposa: Jewels: Acat Set [Earrings & Necklace] – NEW
Mariposa: Pinup Matchbook (Mouth) – NEW
– .HoD. – Scathed – Smite [Female] – NEW
– .HoD. – Lure – Smite [Female] – NEW
*Linc* Wraps Tattoo

DeeTalez Skin April Dark Brown
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
Amacci Eyelashes “Allure” Black


Poses Used:

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