MiX! 60L Sunday, Money Fever Game & Letter of the Week Items

 [LI] Zinnia - Letter of the Week Item
Above photo is the Zinnia outfit. A bright flowery spring dress featured in the Letter of the Week [LOW] by Lemania Indigo. This ensemble includes a matching shoes and is on sale for a very low price of L$50.  
TP HERE to the exact location.
[LI] Passion - 60L Sunday
Above photo is the Passion evening dress and is featured on the 60L weekend grid wide sale. A matching shoes is also inclusive.
TP HERE to the exact location.
 [LI] Goldie Hawn - Money Fever Game
Above photo is the Goldie Hawn outfit. This set includes the skin, tats and hair, and is featured in the Money Fever game for a dollarbie. Upon your purchase, you also get a chance to win linden cash when target sales are met.
TP HERE to exact location.

Lemania Indigo Designs, Main Store

Poses Used:

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