Hepatitis C

Hepa C
Wait a minute… isn’t that a serious disease? XD. I was introduced to this new brand (known to me) – the Hepatitis C. They offer different types of edgy accessories and piercings as shown here on my photos. This is created and designed by Johnn Balzibo.
Hepa C
Above photos are piercings Angel Face with nose ring, Angel Face without nose ring, and Envy Lip Piercings. Below it are chewable necklaces Pussy, Red Heart, and Roll. All these come in 6 metal colors and modify permissible, so you can adjust them easily to your shape.

Hepatitis C Solar Navel
Above are Hepatitis C Solar Navel piercings. The stars of these are menu driven to color change. These piercings come in 7 metal colors for only L$125.

Visit Hepatitis C

I Also Wear:
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DeeTalez Skin April Dark Brown
Shapes by Jeckie Hax
Amacci Eyelashes “Allure” Black – NEW
Tukinowaguma Hair  

Amacci Poses


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