NEW! Garage Accessories/ Group Gifts – BIG & BOLD :D

NEW! Garage Accessories
Slava Parkin, owner of Garage Brand, has just released a new sets of accessories. They’re all big, bold and fashionable…. and yeah I like them a lot!! My photos show the new Rura Set of matching earrings and necklaces. They come in 5 colors. Resizing is so easy as they are customizable via menu script.

NEW! Garage Accessories
There’s also gems sets of earrings, necklace and ring. They come in five different shapes. Also resizable via menu script, so its easy!
NEW! Garage Accessories
Along with these new releases, the heart shape gem and white color of of Rura set are featured as group gifts. So make sure you join the group to get these items free.
NEW! Garage Accessories
I Wear:
Garage Accessories – ALL NEW
*ASrock* attitude tops – NEW
DeeTaleZ Skirts hot mini jeans beige
DeeTalez  Skin April natural 2 sun – NEW
Shapes by Jeckie Hax [Sayoko] – NEW
RedGrave Eyelashes
Poses Used:

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