House of HUCCI

Once a Hucci, always a Hucci! I second that sentiment because House of HUCCI inspired me to dress up a little bit edgy today with their new releases.  If my sassy gay friend saw me, he would probably sing one of his favorite gestures to me….. “I’m a primmy avatar, and I’m proud of it!” =)) Then he would would give me a big hug and Hi-5! LOL. But that’s just because we love high end fashion and accessories.
Anyway, I decided to try these new Hucci beater tank tops, daisy denim skirts, and fashionable sunglasses all by HUCCI. This sunglasses has lots of features such as lens and metal changing textures and resizing via menu script. Hucci designs are bold and that is exactly why I like them. Again… Once a Hucci, Always a HUCCI! XD

Style Card/ Credits:
::HH:: Hucci BF Beater Tanks – NEW
::HH:: Hucci Daisy Denim Skirt – NEW
::HH:: Hucci All Eyes On Me Sunglasses – NEW
Moloko Chinese Lyrics Tattoo
– .HoD. – Spite Piercing  (Worn On Mouth)
– .HoD. – Bodiqua Mega Hoops Earrings *Silver*
– .HoD. – The Path To Forgiveness [Spine]
:Fusion: Dagger and Skull Necklace [Chest]
:Fusion: Belted Bracelet [R]
:Fusion: Dagger and Skull Bracelet [L]
Luck Inc Finger Tapes
MIEL Far Boots – Plaid
On Body:
FNKY! Angel Sunkissed #05A Glow
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax

Teku-Teku Hair 

Poses Used: 


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