NEW! Releases by Khush & Ingenue

Khush has some new releases coming one of which is this lingerie called netted valentine. They come in all clothing layers with a netted socks in heart features. Also new from the store are these Jenn tops I wore on the second photo below in black and purple. Ingenue also introduced their new released flats named Dianthus. They come in 15 colors and are resizable via menu script. You can get these shoes for only 225L$ each. 

Style Credits:
Khush Netted Valentine – NEW 
Ingenue :: Dianthus Flats :: Noir  – NEW
ANA_Mations Cubism- CubeH V2.0


Style Credits:
Khush Jenn Tops – NEW 
Ingenue :: Dianthus Flats :: Silvery – NEW 
DeeTaleZ Skirts hot mini jeans dirtyblue – NEW 
ANA_Mations Cubism- CubeE V2.0


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