NEW! Slip Dress by E! Eclectic Apparel

There’s a lot of new releases coming from E! Eclectic Apparel and I’m wearing one of them, the Slip Dresses.  It’s a sexy form fitting dress that is well suited for a hot date. The slip dress comes in all clothing layers with a skirt prim and are available in 8 softy pastel colors for only 75L$ each. They’re very affordable for a nicely textured design. Fat packs are even greatly discounted.

At E! Apparel, you are always given an option to purchase an item on whether copy/mod or transfer permission. So its a great place to shop and buy gifts. Visit the store HERE.
Credits Style Card:
Slip Dresses by E! Apparel75L$ each NEW 
Audrei flats by IngenueNEW 
=TEKUTEKU= Irregular Hair (black)

Accessories Used:
Dark Mouse Simple Pearls Necklace – White 
*SiSSi* Cutie Necklace Tartan Pink/Taupe/Mint – NEW 
[MANDALA] bangles, rings and nails

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