Headline: A Couple Fought over an Umbrella?

One time, I went out shopping wearing my new sexy mariska top in snake red fabric by DYN. I thought it was just made perfect for my sexy mini jeans by DeeTalez. I thought I was really sexy, gorgeous and hot esp in my sun tanned Liz skin by Fior di Perle perfected by Shiki Shapes.

So I was alone sexy, hot and gorgeous doing shopping until a man attacked me [LOL.] I thought maybe because I looked really hot and sexy in my outfit that day. But he was aiming for something else.. he was aiming to get my kurumi bag? Why my bag? What does he wants inside my bag!? He was looking for something else until… he found… An Umbrella!!!???
He said, “Thank God babe you bring your umbrella, coz it will gonna rain today. Like heavy rain. I saw it in the news and I got worried so I followed you to check if you did bring one.” Then I replied, “You only followed me just to check if I brought my umbrella? Alright now give it back!” He said, “No, let me have it.” LMAO.
I was inspired to write a story because of these interesting free poses by Glitterati. But I know I sucks at making up stories. The end. [LOL]

Credits and styles:
DYN Mariska Top (Snake Red) – NEW 
DeeTaleZ Skirts hot mini jeans dirtyblue – NEW 
MIEL High boots RED – 50L$ FLF 
Liz Sunkissed smokey pink makeup natural2 lips
Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax
CaNDy NaiL #000 Basic Nail Plum
*ARGRACE* Baseball Cap Relaxed ponytail -Blonde
++ KURUMI ++ tote bag [true heart]
– .HoD. – Spite Piercing Special Edition
– .HoD. – Charmed Polaroid 3 – VDay Red
Glitterati Poses – FREE


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