Money Fever, Gifts, Picks and Haiti Fund items by Lemania – 1/17

Let’s shop for a cause!
This beautiful vintage ballroom length gown in full colorful flowers with a dramatic head piece is the fund raiser item for only 250L$. All proceeds of this gown will go to Haiti victims. Let us all do our small part to help those who are in need.

Pick Reward Outfit
The shopping in Milan is a cute baby doll style top over leggings with matching shoes are included. TP to Lemania and include them in your Profile Picks then you get this item for free!

Group Gift
Freshness in minty green gown with a lovely flower print, shoes included is the weekly group members gift. Get them. =D
Money Fever Item
Dear Cupid gown is in money fever item. When you buy this gown you get a chance to win 500L$ when 100 purchases are met.


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