Sonja in Kouse’s Sanctum Gowns

Kouse’s Sanctum has this beautiful gowns and I’m wearing 2 of them, the Cyrenia Deux in Midnight Gold and Kouseketra Gown in Creme. I love how these gowns ruffles flow and each of these numbers feature a detail in classical and ancient styles. The beautiful Sonja Skins in caramel and cream tones by Aimesi perfectly compliments that princessy appeal.

 [K~*~S] Cyrenia Deux – Midnight Gold
JASMIN necklace & earrings by Donna Flora

[K~*~S] Kouseketra – Creme
CAMELIA noel earrings by Donna Flora
[MANDALA] TAKARA Bangle/Buddha cream white


Aimesi Skin – Sonja Caramel Face 4 – NEW
Aimesi Skin – Sonja Cream Face 3 – NEW

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