Pink Flamingo by Shiki Designs

Today’s dress is PINK Flamingo by Shiki Designs. I love how the elegance of this dress comes, very feminine and classy with many layers and prim options. With this set, you can actually dress up to 3-7 different amazing styles! Yes I’m no kidding, that’s how amazingly beautiful this package contains.

I have been wearing this dress for the longest time, esp on dating with hubby. My favorite outfit for dancing and dating! The Flamingo dresses come in all top layers, with optional skirts in both short and long, a prim belt with optional flower chest attachments and feather embelishments.
This dress is very detailed in quality with really nice textures and is also available in chiffon yellow and blueberry colors. Okay here’s the best part, they are especially discounted 50% OFF in the store right now. Geez! You gotta get this one. =D
TP to Shiki Designs, Main Store

Special 50% OFF Sale on selective items are still going on. These are High Quality Shiki Items. Check them out! =D


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