Just Three Things?

I come across the bloggers challenge post by Samara Barzane and I thought I too have these 3 things I can’t live without on SL *coughs* I’m exaggerating but okay, I have weighed down my best three [this is hard but definitely not clothes, nor skin nor hair for that matter since I can always try out some new styles but these 3 are my bestest best LOL.]
My three best would be:
1. My shape by Jeckie hax of Shiki Shapes [Because I have lived in SL with this shape since day 1.]
2. My eyelashes by RedGrave [Because this eyelashes is no copy and it took me almost forever to adjust it on my eyes.]
3. And my favorite Spite Piercings by Haus of Darcy [Because I like it a lot! This is something I can never have IRL and it simply rocks! ]
Unless I will need to wear a prim that needs to get blog then I’ll take them off but only temporarily. I dont want them poofed in my inventory I just hope not. =D

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