New! Ruby Princess Gown by Sparkle Skye

The Ruby Princess gown is the latest stunning creation by Sparkle Skye. There are a lot of work given to this gown considering the many stylish prim skirt options, the prim tops and the quality textures that are very detailed.
This gown features a warm top capelet in red fur and a wreath of flowers with the colors combined of ruby and gold. A wreath prim without fur is also included.
The many prim skirt layers given is what made this gown a versatile ensemble. This gown can be worn as an outfit for a prom, a ball gown, or can be also worn as a classical day dress, and or a royal tea dress.

The entire luxury package comes off with a High Class Princess and elegant feel.

TP to Sparkle Skye Designs

Other Credits:
Necklace by Donna Flora
Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Silver Diamante)
Flowey Poses


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