A Christmas Gift by Donna Flora

You wouldn’t want to miss this Christmas Gift, the Natashia Dress with matching shoes and jewelries by Donna Flora. Yes, I’m no kidding its ALL FREE and it’s so worth blogging because the dress alone has really very nice detailed prims and textures plus the jewelry set, a big 2x bonus! =D

I wanna give credit to the very generous designer, Squinternet Larnia for this awesome Christmas gift. You don’t need to join a group to get this one, no need to pay a dollarbie either because it’s all absolutely FREE.
NATASHA Dress with Jewelries & Shoes by Donna FloraFREE 
Donna BICE Rings by Donna FloraFREE
Other Credits:
[Uw.7R]  Hinata-Hair
Kyoko Couture Socks – Group Gift
CaNDy NaiL #000 Basic Nail Plum 

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