Sweet Gothic Angel

Aaaaw I love my new whoopie kinky hair.  With it and this black mini dress with bat wings, I was able to style up a look of an innocent and sweet gothic. The dress is really very nice and the whole package consist of this black wings, shimmering pink belt, black gloves, skirt/top/bottom and a flower neck collar and it’s all FREE.
My new hair from SYDS make it even more fashionable. I so love the hair it has a yellow dotted ribbons on it too. I got them for free on a luckyboard. =D Check more on style tips and store TPs.

Aubrey Wears:
Black Dress Set by Lo*MomoGroup Gift 
*Linc* Tankdress Black [undershirt layer]
*Linc* Wool Panty Brown Stripes [underpants layer] 
– .HoD. – Spite Piercing
!SyDS! Hair Channel (LB ver.) – LuckyBoard 
Black Boots by COCO – Group Gift
Izumiya Poses

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