This must not be new anymore, but it is to me. I chance upon Baiastice and found these interesting and uncommon outfits.
First is this NINFA DEI BOSCHI outfit. I don’t exactly know what the name means but I’m covered with flowers and butterflies ONLY. I like it a lot because it has nice textures and it also comes with a hair with prim angels above it, but I didn’t like the color of the hair so I just wear mine. =D
Next is this ANCESTRAL SNAKE outfit. This one is also very sexy with an interesting snake prim attachments. This one also comes with a hair too.
Or would you wear this Post Human Baroques outfit. It looks like an ancient outfit to me with a bubbly fish hat.
And lastly, grandma’s closet. I find this one really funny because it comes with a grandma avatar. The grandma closet is also loaded with 5 full complete outfits from clothing to accessories and shoes. Oh my Gawd! Me is grandma already! =)) And all these are freebies.

The red dress is the store’s December gift.

Baiastice Shop


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