New! Loz Mini dress from KHUSH

It’s really freezing cold here in Japan and I don’t like the cold, so I decided to get some sun even if its just on SL. And the new Loz Mini dress by Khush is just the perfect outfit to get some tan.
Yes, I will stretch out on a beach chair on some golden beach somewhere, and sip a fruity drink with an umbrella in it. When I wear this dress, I can almost hear the waves and feel the warmth of the sun. I must go to a place like this someday. Hmmm my hubby owes me a trip. Anyway, this dress is available in 6 colors.
Outfit: Loz Mini Dress by KhushNEW
Flipflops:  J’s Flip-flops
Bag: Sensual Mistery
Hair: Tukinowaguma Sol Ash
SunGlasses:  [Gos] Butterfly – NEW

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