Funky Free Awesomeness!

Aaaawww I found great chimney stuffs this time. I totally look awesome, don’t I? Also this AFK tool prim is wayyy too cool! OMG you must get this one while its free or you’ll miss the total fun on this chimney hunt.

Of course, these stuffs are not so hard to find, else I wouldn’t have them XD. I promise you wont get headaches on finding these awesome stuffs! And I’m loving more books now LOL. Check “chimney finds” and style tips.

Chimney Finds: 
Top Sweater & Scarf: #004 SHIKI DESIGNS
Boots: #009 ::Duh!::
Bangles & Earrings: #019 (Ticky Tacky)
Jumper Jeans: #042 Narwhal
Heart on sleeves & pins: #058 Scribble
AFK TOOL: #079  DownDownDown

Other Credits:
KHUSH – Tights Brown – Seam 
SYSY kneesocks naturals lightbrown
Tukinowaguma Tomoyo Ash Hair 
{flowey} poses by Flutter Memel

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