Katerina Winter Ensemble

Rfyre seems to be excelling at Russian themed winter wear this season. After the Oksana Russian Christmas Dress comes the Katerina Winter Ensemble. The texture work and attention to detail are apparent on this outfits many pieces. With each part receiving so much attention its no wonder this outfit looks so warm and inviting.

The outfit features a black overcoat and dress with grey embroidery on the center of the skirt and the bulk of the sleeves. I also love how the belt centers the outfit and creates a classic hourglass shape that results in a look that is distinctly feminine.

The Katerina also includes a beautiful black fur hat. The entire outfit has a hand made by master craftswoman look to it. Another Russian-inspired ensembles from one of the grid’s best designers, Raven Pennyfeather.

Transferable ensemble includes:

RFyre Katerina Womens: Jacket Vest – Jacket Layer
RFyre Katerina Womens: Jacket With Trim II
RFyre Katerina Solid Shirt I
RFyre Katerina Womens: Jacket Shirt Open
RFyre Katerina Womens: Sheer Shirt
RFyre Katerina Womens: Stockings
RFyre Katerina Womens: Sleeve Extensions
RFyre Katerina Womens: Glitch pants
RFyre Katerina Womens: Fur Hat
RFyre Katerina Womens: Collar
RFyre Katerina Womens: Sculpted Shoulder Left & Right
RFyre Katerina Womens: Sculpted Upper  Left & Right Sleeve
RFyre Katerina Womens: Sculpted Lower Arm with Fur Cuff Left & Right
RFyre Katerina Womens: Flex Prim & Sculpted Skirt Jacket
RFyre Katerina Womens: Belt
RFyre Katerina Womens: Sculpted Pants Left & Right

This outfit is available at the House of RFyre.


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