Azucena Queen

The Azucena Queen Crown Jewelry of Alienbear is designed to look as if it was sourced from the most coveted mines in the world. This package includes a pair of earrings, necklace, bracelets and the center piece crown that pulls off the use of many jewels without looking gawdy and overbearing.  Above photo is a picture of a simple Azucena Crown Set.

The second photo illustrates the Azucena Queen Crown Set. Jewels on queen are more bigger and luxurious, so to speak. And I do feel like a queen with this crown. These jewelries are available in platinum, gold and soft antique gold.
Azucena Queen Crown Jewelry Set from AlienBear Designs
Gown: Segreto Passion from Miamai Creation
Shoes: J’s Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals from J’s
Eyes: Expressive eyes green 5 by Nany Merlin
Hair: Teku-teku Tiara

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