NEW SKIN – AtomicBambi Sara by AtomicSparkle Skytower

Atomic Bambi Sara is a new released skin by AtomicSparkle Skytower. The skin comes in 3 tones – Pale, Sunblush and Tan color. I was given the Tan skin for a review and I am completely delighted when I tried it on since it really looked stunning on my Shiki Shapes. Let me show to you the different variations of this skin as well as the 9 makeup options. There is also an optional lipgloss skin, freckle and freckle with lipgloss on it, on each makeup selections.

This is the Rose Make Up in four types. The upper left side photo is the rose makeup in clear version, with freckles on the right. Below it is the lipgloss options in rose and in freckle version. The same goes on the following Photos.


Siren Makeup

Shy Make Up

The Vamp Make Up
Allure Make Up

Cleo Make Up


The Haze Make Up

The Rockstarr Make Up

Pure Make Up
With 3 brow options and make up combinations, there are a total of 12 skins for the price of only 975L. Considering the cost of just one skin in many stores, this is a tremendous value. A definitely a must have skin.


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