Happy Bunneh Heads

OMG! More happy head antlers are out but this time, they come with cute bunnehs and color changing ornaments to add fun and celebrate the holidays. These happy heads are available in a variety of colors depending on your mood.

The Happy Head with Bunneh Love Green is just one more thing to “Go Green” this year.  Feel great about what you’re doing for mother earth when you purchase these green ornaments, stockings, and candy canes… Hmm, ok not really but it has a cute bunneh so that’s good right?

Happy Head With Bunneh Love Blue must have been made for my hubby Liam. He loves blue and he used to have a pet bunny. It cines with blue and silver ornaments, stockings, and a silver bunny holding a candy cane. Its random blue bunneh fun for the holidays.


The Happy Head With Bunneh Love Gold is for people who love precious metals. Yep, you too can have silver and gold stockings, ornaments, and candy canes.The Bunneh is also silver with golden eyes but keep this one away from other happy heads or we’ll all be flooded with Metallic Happy Head Bunnehs!


These happy heads come in the same style but goes with a variety color moods.  They are transferrable so that make it great for presents.


Happy Bunneh Heads are made by Callie Cline. 
You can get them here:

Other Credits:

Tops: SYSY’s Luna Jacket by SYSY
Bottom: [Cynful] Orange Bottom by Cynful
Hair: ChiChickie! Allura – Ash – Scripted

Skin: BT- Rockstar 2 – Bitch Tail
Shape: Shiki Shapes by Jeckie Hax


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