Hi Sexy Reindeer!

Christmas is in the air in Winter Wonderland. The sim provides winter themed decor and accessories in a styles that range from tradition to artistic. You will find outdoor items such as snow covered Christmas trees, paved pathways and winter plants.

You can also find a large color changing gems and ornaments as well as happy head reindeer antlers adorned with ornaments. Store owner Callie Cline has really made a nice place and anyone who loves the winter season should check it out.

Next are these HAPPY HEADS that make me a Sexy Reindeer.

Happy Head in Christmas Decor is made in the classic red and white theme, including tree ornaments along with red and white stockings and candy canes.
Outfit is FREE HERE

Happy Head Ornament Tree is for people who want a mix of colors beyond red and white. My antlers are green, orange, pink and purple. Take that tradition!

Outfit is FREE HERE
Happy Head Antlers in Snow follow the same theme as the other, except now it looks like I ran through a decorated tree covered in snow. I am having fun and I’m cold, time to go inside and drink my hot chocolate.

Happy Heads & Winter Sim Location:


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