JCNY Model’fest

I was humbled and filled with happiness when I found out that I had been chosen Model’fest runner up for the Month of October. Somewhere while in the middle of all of the practices, shows, and outfit coordinating I was having so much fun, the competition was very much a bonus for me. Now that I have come so close I feel reinvigorated to plan, practice, and coordinate just a bit better so that maybe next time I can turn runner up into a Model’fest winner. The opportunity, contacts, and exposure provided by this experience are all things I feel have made me a better model. This is why I feel that JCNY’s Modelfest is a positive competition that any model looking to improve should join.

Up Photo:
Clothes: Lucrezia Dress by Anna Rokocoko and Christy Hamer of Divine Couture
Accessories: JCNY Collection of Jewelries by JD Hansen

JCNY Collection, Main Location:


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