My get-up for today is something sweet and gothic, still commemorating on the month of Halloween. Behold! A fallen angel…but a gorgeous and sexy one XD.

I was able to chance up a huge store sale at Bitch Tail, where I get my outfit today. All clothes, shoes and skin are on sale for 100L. This outfit comes in a complete set from head to toe. [Top, bottom, wings, net stockings and boots.]

Clothes: Bitter Angel Outfit from Bitch Tail
Skin: Bitch Tail – Rockstar SKin
Hair: -Oj- Baron-SoS-Spcolor- by Yamari Brandenburg
Eyes: Expressive eyes green 5 by Nany Merlin
Eye Lashes: Silhouette Lashes
Tats & Piercings: Kanival Tattoo
Bangles: [chuculet] bangles – thin collection – silver
Vamp Blood by Dangerous Cinsations
Choker, Earrings and Armbands from Magically Aluring by Alura Magic


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