Trick or Treat – Absolutely Free!

Aren’t these lovely Pumpkins Cute? I see a unanimous nods. And before you start of to wonder, these lovely pumpkins are just ME on my 3 runway poses lol. It’s a cute Pumpkin Avatar of which you can get FREE as a group gift at Curious Kitties. 

The store offers a various of fabulous freebies for this year’s halloween. Now I can fly using my magical broomstick that’s awesomely designed with a cute black cat hanging on with you to join the whimsical ride. The broom is wickedly animated and lets you fly when you wear it.
Here’s more Kittie hats with a little cute pumpkin chain, and the baby black cat in witch orange pointed hat [this cat blinks its eyes every other seconds.] These are all FREE!!! From the Curious Kitties Store’s group gift. Oh my Goodies isn’t it? Get them all when you can.
Clothes: Fashionity Limited Edition – Scary Pumpkin Varvara [FREE]
Skin : :: Exodi :: Lily Dove (Death Becomes – DkBrow)
Eyes: Enraptured Event Tide :: Phases 2 :: Firts Quarter

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