Shiki Shapes in skin/shape expo 2009

This year’s 2009 Skin/Shape Expo has just started.  This gridwide event will run for 2 weeks, starting on September 26 and will end on October 10, 2009. Here is your chance to avail all the new and fabulous shapes of Jecki Hax’s had especially made for this expo. All of her new shapes are especially 20% discounted but only for this event, while 50% of its proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Koman for the cure.

So don’t miss your chance to get her new awesome shapes. Details of skin, hair, accessories and others are specifically noted on NC when you buy shiki shapes.

The Shiki Shapes,  in Skin/Shape Expo Location:

New Skins for this Expo

After this event, all of shiki shapes will fall back to its original price. So dont miss your chance to get realistic shapes and good looking avatar.
The Shiki Shapes, Main Store Location

The Shiki Shapes, Twilight Region


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